Help us share the magic of reading with our students!

Books are doorways to new worlds, share exciting adventures, tell compelling life stories, and provide vast expanses of knowledge in so many different subjects.

This is why Mother Seton Academy has such a strong focus on showing our young girls and boys the joys of reading. In order to help them stay enthusiastic about literature, we work hard to regularly introduce new books and graphic novels to maintain their interests.

The school is also working on getting updated versions of our old textbooks. As most of you already know, textbooks are not cheap. But we want to ensure our students have the best possible tools and resources available. Our students research and reference these textbooks in various reports because it’s important that they know how to use tools besides Google to gather information and create bibliographies. So to ensure we are giving our students the best tools and resources, we must get updated textbooks.

You can help make this happen by donating today! No matter the amount, every gift is a blessing to our students and the school. Thank you!

“Mother Seton Academy has given me the opportunity to dream big and strive for greater challenges in life.”

Shaniqua Jones '07